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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Patience Is Not Usually One of Soot's Virtues

Along with laundering any left over dirty clothes and towels before leaving home we also buy salt for the water softener and a huge bag of Meow Mix. We store the cat food in these empty pretzel jars and Soot, seeing the jars and bag, stationed herself nearby. You see this is a Soot-Dad ritual---Dad pours the cat food from the bag into the jar--some magically falls to the floor and Soot is the clean-up girl. Sooooo Dad, when are we getting started??? She sat there for about 45 minutes--never moved --sat with an occasional pained meow and, as time went by, more frequent importunate, demanding cat sounds. Finally, he was available and the chore was carried out like clockwork--he pouring, she cleaning---such teamwork--- the NY Jets could only wish for.

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