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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goodbye Tannenbaum--Hello Blizzard

Froggie sat on the porch as the snow came down all night and all day and on into tonight. So far we have about 24 inches and the driveway has been plowed once. The house is warm, since there is no real wind and the temperature has been well above zero--having reached about 15 F at 4 pm.

I am NOT Sally Forth--I am her husband and daughter! I'd leave the tree up til April if I could!

My husband and daughter are the ones who would take it down by the Epiphany.

But since the storm was raging today and we couldn't go anywhere and the tree really was getting very dry--it seemed a good time to put the ornaments in their little boxes and the little boxes in the bigger boxes and the bigger boxes into storage until next December. The room looks naked, and dark and the tree looks so forlorn in the snow but little creatures will use it for shelter now--so it has been repurposed! LOL

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