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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Somerset, Pennsylvania to Greenfield, Indiana

The day dawned beautifully with a sun that promised a warmth it really never delivered but which was quite welcome nevertheless. We left Somerset at 9 am in 18F weather and were only 109 miles from the Ohio State line. In the Pittsburgh area there were many billboards extolling the virtues of coal and natural gas--I had remembered them but hadn't had the presence of mind to photograph them last year.

While following the same route through rather monotonous landscapes it can easily become boring but it does afford one the chance to record things missed on prior trips and also brings to mind how much we've learned through our travels. For example, just East of Columbus I noticed a couple of groupings of tanks of various sizes. On past trips I had no idea what they were--but having traveled Texas oil country I realized immediately that they were storage tanks for an oil well and began to look for the wells. There are several--they are few and far between so obviously not a rich enough field to drill extensively but abundant enough to supply a couple of farms. Who ever thinks of Columbus, Ohio and oil in the same breath? But I get ahead of myself....

before reaching Ohio one crosses into West Virginia for a brief sojourn--maybe half an hour.Then we crossed the Monongahela River into Ohio. I love that white bridge and the name of that river--it brings back my geography classes in grade school --St Columba's in NYC--and all the rivers and mountains, states and capitals, counties of NYS and some of its cities and chief products--Gloversville produced WHAT, do you suppose?

The fields all along the route were totally clear of snow but past Columbus the snow cover increased as did the temperature to 38. It was difficult with the sunshine and the cold to keep a comfortable temperature within the car. If we had the heat on even just a bit it soon became stifling but turned off it didn't take long for it to become uncomfortably cold. But, grateful for dry roads and sushine, we happily adjusted and readjusted and sang along with Roger Miller etal at Willie's Place.

Soon after Columbus we entered the National Aviation Heritage Area and it was neat to see a car from North Carolina and its First in Flight plate pass us in this section of the road. It was sad too to see a beautiful red dog lying dead along the side of the highway. I wondered if his family would ever know his fate. Between Columbus and Dayton there were many deer carcasses along the road as well--dessicated and eaten at --been there quite awhile. There were also lots of Highway Patrol officers out and many, many tractor trailer trucks. Soon we left Ohio, but not before I managed to get a picture of the lighthouse, sort of--I forgot it was coming--and of THE CAT!, which I always missed before. I DID forget the beautiful loop highway celebrating aviation and only managed to get part of the decoration--I'll remember where it is next time and be prepared.

Soon we entered Indiana and decided we wanted to get passed Richmond where we stayed last year but not deal with Indianapolis today so we are just outside in Greenfield. We went to O'Charley's for dinner--I did NOT get that hamburg but I did get the bruscetta chicken which was very good, not many calories and only 13 points--not bad for the whole meal.

Returning to the room I looked out the window to see a magnificent golden sunset. A perfect ending to a perfect day, although I'm so tired for some reason that I have dark circles under my eyes--something I don't usually get.

Found that Betsy had called this morning but I had the sound all the way down from last year so never knew she called. I'll call her tomorrow---NCIS starts in 15 minutes! I did speak to her last night and my gift to her from Thymes arrived yesterday--I didn't think it would get there on time. Also my Nevada stuff arrived so I can navigate there, too. Bye for now all--tomorrow Missouri!

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