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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Before and After

Snowing really hard today, February 1st, soft fine snow but the kind that accumulates fast and is slick on the roads. Cancelled eye doctor appt and shopping plans. So the nicely written list already had to have adjustments made. Decided the counter was just too much of a mess--I don't know how these things multiply so fast---so, not wanting to read or watch TV etc, I decided I might as well get a start on organizing the house for Sharon. While I was at it I paid all February's bills---that was on today's list of things to do. Was going to take the tree down but just can't part with it--so it will stay up one more day. Tomorrow, since we are going to have a blizzard supposedly and we've cancelled the appointment to have the windshield replaced, the tree and other decorations WILL come down and get packed away for another year. Sigh :(

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