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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tough Decisions

Packing my navigator's bag was fairly simple but, when planning to drive all around the country in Winter, clothing choices are not so easy!

I've managed to make my selections and sort of got them into the suitcase--minus the cat!
But where are hubby's clothes going to go???
I'm worried about Soot--she knows something is up and has been shadowing us both for weeks. Winter is always stressful for her but not having a family member living here for 6 weeks is going to be tough. The first trip in 2008 Sharon stayed with the girls and they eventually warmed to her, but the last two years our daughter has been home with them. They are getting up in age--14 years old this month--and we are leaving them with Sharon--right on the heels of Betsy returning to Montana after Christmas--from which I'm not sure they have yet recovered.
They know Sharon--she visits often --but still, Misty in particular stays hidden when there is company, including Sharon. And since Christmas, Misty comes downstairs to eat and use the litter box and then goes back and holes up in Betsy's room--no more naps on the lap or hopping up on the bed at night. I hope they handle this separation well!
It's been a long day--packing and making lists so off for some chicken soup and a book and maybe some TV. I'm beat!!!

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