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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cheyenne Layover

As predicted in my post yesterday there were not many pictures to take. I did, however, notice during the morning around 10 that all the traffic seemed to be going North. Angling myself to see the barricade behind the tree I saw that the road had been closed and a line of traffic was exiting the Interstate going South. I wondered why only one way would be closed but felt lucky we'd decided to stay over since it was obvious the weather farther south was treacherous. When the Interstate reopened about two hours later most of the traffic was large trucks. One double trailer pulled over on the ramp to remove their chains. Why do it on the ramp??? ( Later after dark another guy parked there for about 15 minutes!) Anyway, looking at the gunk thrown up into the mudflaps and beyond felt, yet again, we'd decided right.

It wasn't until the 10 o'clock news that I found out how right we were--just about five miles down the road a tractor truck jack-knifed, another plowed into him and yet a smaller truck hit them both. Cars and other trucks went off the road on either side in an effort to avoid each other and the original crash. It looked horrendous on the news but miraculously no one was seriously injured and most were able to drive away. Not the two original trucks, however, both of which were unbelievably damaged.

After a quick peek at Letterman I turned off the light and looked out the window--blowing snow and fog whirled around the street light. I went to sleep hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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