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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bozeman Sojourn

Called the front desk yesterday morning to reserve our lovely room for another night--should have booked two nights to begin with but Bill didn't want to do that. Sooo we had to move to another room on the first floor. Another upgrade and turned out to be a two room suite--still at $70. For some reason my stomach has been acting up quite a bit since Buffalo--wonder if that Elk didn't sit as well as I thought after all. It certainly was rich and after following a rather veggie, fruit heavy diet it may have been too much. At any rate after breakfast we went to the high school to meet the ladies at lunch as I call the lunch ladies Betsy works with. I will get a picture of them tomorrow morning. They are really nice women and adore Betsy. Each one had something wonderful to say about her and the second in command even told us we'd done a good job raising a very sweet girl. Kind of makes you proud. I complimented Betsy on her blue shirt and she laughed and spun around to show me the back--Bill's old softball shirt from when she was about 2 years old!! What a laugh!

We left and stopped at the co-op where we picked up some massage oil, a huge selection of delicious olives, a yummy baguette for car munching ( though we kind of snacked on it tonight!)and a couple of sandwiches for lunch. Returned to WalMart for some stuff for us--I picked up a yucky bathing suit so I can use some of these pools and maybe hot springs if we get near any. Bill also picked a cast iron frying pan for Betsy's new apartment. I also got some Neutragena Acne cream that I can never find at home. By this time I was really feeling quite tired and dehydrated so we returned to the room and I napped for an hour.

Betsy came by after work and I helped her file her taxes online--funny--she could not believe how long such a simple return took soooo long. But in the end she was pleased since she owes nothing and gets refunds from everyone. We watched some tv together and she gave me the gift she'd told me she'd gotten me when she returned from Christmas.

Then she and Bill went out to dinner and I said to just bring me back something simple and something cold to drink. I always let them go to dinner alone together when we visit because it is important for them to have Dad-Daughter time together. Of course, they didn't tell me they were going to Johnny Carina's or I'd have dragged myself along! LOL But they did bring me back a sausage skilletini. Enough food for three people and actually that's how it got eaten. I had a bit for dinner last night, a bit today for lunch and gave Bill the other half for lunch.

When they returned with my meal Bets asked if I'd tried on my new caftan and I said No. I think she was disappointed and I felt badly. Decided that I would certainly wear it for her to see before we left. She stayed and watched NCIS with us but since she has to be at work at 6am she left soon afterwards.

Today, I felt much better and having called to rebook the two room suite last night, we found that we needed to move once more. This time to the standard room but right next door. Yesterday, since we had to leave early to get to school our luggage was moved for us. The girl at the desk asked if we'd like that again and we said no, we are going to loaf around this am and would move ourselves as soon as the new room was ready.

After lunch we took a spin downtown to find the Montana Gift Corral but I just couldn't seem to locate it, so we window shopped for awhile and then drove out of town a bit to explore the area a bit more. Wilson School is the former high school and the one from which Gary Cooper graduated. Yes, the stoic High Noon marshall was a Bozeman boy born and bred. He returned to the school often for he was very fond of his English teacher and visited her often.

Once more Betsy joined us after work and I told her how I couldn't find my store and she said they have a small outlet in Walmart--I should have remembered that from our last visit. So, once more we went to Wally's world. I picked up a hot roller set for myself and Bets said " I need a hair dryer for my birthday!" What a kid--so Mom said " get it now, for pete's sake"! I know it seems like she always hits me up but in actuality she never asks for money and has never asked for any. She works her tail off and makes her own way. Every so often she appeals to my Mom side and I actually love to spoil her a bit because she asks for so little.

I had given her a silver chain when we arrived and she was thrilled. That's when she said " I have a gift for you, too!" It is such a neat feeling to have this nice young woman as my daughter--at least when we get along--which believe me--is not always!

After this last shopping spree it was off to McKenzie River Pizza for dinner. I had a wonderful spinach salad with cranberries and walnuts and feta. I poured on a tiny bit of vinaigrette. They each had a small pizza both of which looked yummy but I had not a bit of room for even a bite.

When we came back to the room Bill and Bets watched CNN news and then switched to the Reilly Report on Fox --it was fun to hear them discuss Egypt and Libya etc and Betsy asking about the situations and these men and about what was going on in Wisconsin and her opinions and discussion with Bill. I sometimes forget that she is almost 25 and has adult viewpoints and thoughtful opinions. It amazes me at times.

Soon it was time for her to leave but we promised--or at least I did--to stop by school tomorrow to say our real good bye. She said sometime she'll have enough money to come visit at home. Sigh!

So, unless we have heavy snow tomorrow we leave. The snow situation has changed and we've decided we'd rather cross the continental divide farther south so we will not be going to Bend, Oregon. We are thinking of back tracking to Billings and back down I 25 through Buffalo and on to Cheyenne and into Colorado. So my 48th state will have been visited. I 25 will take us into Albequeque where I am hoping we'll be able to visit my friend, Gloria and her husband, Bud, whom I've never met. From there it will be out to Arizona before turning homeward.

Until tomorrow then probably from Casper,Wy I bid you all a very good night!

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