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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vermont to Binghamton

Left home at 930ish and headed to Saratoga and my sister's for brunch. Took a different route through Strafford, Bethel, Pittsfield to Killington. Missed Hartford and Woodstock and their cops that way. They are definitely out there looking for any infraction, large or small, to issue a ticket on. Nicer ride this way. It is funny how many different back roads we know to use to get from here to NYS. I guess you learn those things over a quarter century plus! Totally new pix to take since I haven't been this way in several years. Tozier's is a place Bill's parents used to bring them down to in summers from Montpelier for the fried clams. Asked Bill if he wanted to stop--he said, nah, there's too long a wait! After our traditional visit to Barb's it was basically the same old same old to Binghamton and the same room as we've had many times before. Went to Casey's Pub where Bill usually goes--I normally stay in--but it was neat to chat with Mark, the owner, about his travels and ours. Also the fact that Billy Martin lived just across the river, which I'd forgotten, and that he had been drinking right next door to our motel the night he drove off the road just before his driveway and was killed. He and Mantle and Ford used to drink in Casey's too and Martin was in the process of buying the place when he died. Imagine!

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