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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Nothing exciting to report today. Slept terribly last night--kept the drapes open with a light right outside the window and so each time I woke all the way til daybreak the snow was falling and blowing. By 7, after being told the Crow only plow one lane on the rez to make sure the hospital in Crow Agency is accessible in case of emergency, we decided to hole up today. I read a bit, slept a lot, called Betsy and my sister to let them know that all is well but we hope to start out again tomorrow. I'm disappointed because Bets has tomorrow off and we'd hoped to spend the whole day with her but now we have 6 hours ahead of us, assuming the roads are good--otherwise it will be longer.

Bill went out to get something to eat and met a guy who just came down from Sheridan and he said the roads were dicey--Bets also said it was snowing in Bozeman,too. That fine snow that accumulates quickly --so it looks as though we made the right call. Hope tomorrow is better. The only movement other than the plow and the fellows with snowblower and shovel was a guy walking three pit bulls early this morning. Otherwise, pretty quiet.

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