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Saturday, February 5, 2011


After a day and a half of gorgeous sunshine, albeit subzero temperatures, I looked up to that the distant fields and hills were obscured once more by heavily falling snow, accumulating fast once more. I retreated to my bed--this cold being worse--my having gone outdoors to enjoy the sparkling wonderland of our yard yesterday. Hot tea, several episodes of Lark Rising to Candleford and continuing snowfall outside the bedroom window. As darkness fell I could see the lights of slowly crawling cars on the road across the fields. Even the plows, which came several times, moved with snail's pace. Eventually, I heard icy tappings on the darkened windows and knew that the soft snow had turned into a wintry dangerous mix. At 9 pm all signs of vehicles had ceased and the snow had stopped. Now I await my husband's return from work--nervous and dry mouthed.

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